The Best of Marnie's World

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Canadian Children's Performer Marnie Grey and Cam Hayduk of Turtlebox Productions shot 38 videos in 2 days for children to watch on Marnie TV in Marnie's World. Here's a clip of some of her videos. is a community website for kids that contains yoga for kids, sign language, music for kids (of course) children's jokes, children's games and more! Simply go to and click on Marnie TV from here you will be transported into a world of Child's PLAY. All videos and games in Marnie's World are Free but longer videos of higher resolution can be downloaded and burnt to DVD. Marnie Grey is a Vancouver based Children's Musician who has been singing into the hearts of children for over 10 years. Marnie has 3 albums and a 4th called Super Kids will be released in Feb 2011. Watch Marnie and all her fun and furried characters like Mumbu the Monkey and Tula the Kangaroo in this video and then make your way on over to Marnie's website where children can experience hours of fun, safe and educational entertainment - It's a Whole World of Child's PLAY!

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