Lecture 02 - Book of Mormon - Nephi's Heritage - Hugh Nibley - Mormon

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Hugh Nibley Teachings of the Book of Mormon Sem 1 - Lect 2 Nephi's Heritage Text: http://maxwellinstitute.byu.edu/publi... Full Lecture Series: Free Book of Mormon: Hugh Nibley was a brilliant man, a real Renaissance man competent in Music, Art, History and Science. He had a photographic memory and often quoted ancient texts verbatim in their original languages during his lectures. The former dean of the Harvard Divinity School, George MacRae, once lamented while hearing him lecture, "It is obscene for a man to know that much!" Nibley was famous for his research into ancient documents dealing with religious practices and lifestyles and their relationship to modern religion. He became fluent in 12 languages because had to, as the texts he was studying had yet to be translated into English. This list includes Hebrew, Greek, Egyptian, Classical Latin, Coptic, Arabic, Russian, German, French, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish. He also studied Old Bulgarian, Old English, and Old Norse. Nibley's rigorous defense of Mormon scriptures earned him a worldwide reputation as a scholar. Nibley was praised by Evangelical scholars Mosser and Owen for his ability to draw upon respected historical sources to provide strong support for Latter-day Saint beliefs. At the time of this Lecture series, Nibley was Professor Emeritus of Ancient Scripture at BYU, having retired in 1976. He can be viewed as the Godfather of LDS scholarship. He published 19 books and also published dozens of scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals on topics without direct reference to Mormonism. It is a rare treat to hear him speak, as he passed away in 2005. If you enjoy this lecture, please forward it on to others you thing would enjoy it as well. We have a few more of his lectures on our YouTube channel, or you can get the entire lecture series on DVD here: Related terms: Nephi, book of mormon, mormonism, mormon, morman, i believe mormon, byu, lds, mormons, mormon jesus, mormon temple, mormon video, mormon daddy style, mormon style, Mormon messages, mormon tabernacle, mormon choir, mormon tabernacle choir, hallelujah, amazing grace, tabernacle choir, mitt romney, glenn beck, romney mormon, mormon musical, mormon channel, south park mormon, mormong song, mormong songs, mormon music, mormon cartoon, lds music

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