My Red Garbage Truck | New Episode | Construction Cartoon For Kids

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Hello, friends! Welcome to our Bambo Jambo channel! This is a child and family oriented channel with a 3D video series for toddlers on a variety of themes! Want to know what parts does the Garbage Truck consist of? Let's take a look at our new episode of Bambo Jambo educational cartoons! Here you will find very interesting educational cartoons and educational videos for children (for the youngest ones from 1 to 3 years, for preschool age children and for school children) on a variety of topics: learning words, colors, alphabet, days of the week, figures, numbers, seasons, names animals, continents, and oceans, also learning how to read, to count, to draw, do crafts, to sing songs, and many other awesome things! In our cartoons for kids, you should enjoy driving trains, trucks, tractors, fire engines, rovers, flying rockets, helicopters and planes, float subs, ships, all of it together with Bambo Jambo, moreover, Bambo Jambo will stimulate the children's imagination and creativity through its colorful videos! Each episode will help the child develop his or her creativity and logical reasoning. FACEBOOK: ... GOOGLE+: ... TWITTER:

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