The Fall of Islamic Spain - Untold History Of Islam (Full Lecture)

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Facebook: Twitter: vimeo: Official Youtube Channel: Be our Friend: Speaker: Shaykh Zahir Mahmood But Let Me Tell You About A Society, Which Had Bigger Masjids Than You Had. Which Had Bigger Scholars Than You Had.Which Had Bigger Darul Ulooms Than You Had. This Was Muslim Spain. It Had Far Bigger Masjids Than You Had. Qurtuba In The Height Of Its Flowering Had Over 600 Masjids. And Recently, A Couple Of Years, 19 Authors From This Masjids Went To Qurtuba, Where There Were 600 Masjids, We Found One And That Was Closed. Why?What Happened? Because These Were People Who Forgot Allah. And Allah Made Them Forget Themselves.Have You Seen The Al Hamra Palace? Wallahi When You Look At Al Hamra Palace The Eyes Marvel At The Architecture And Artistry. It Is Amazing Palace. And Throughout The Palace You Will See One Word.That 'Dominance Is Only For The Sake Of Allah' 'Dominance Is Only For The Sake Of Allah'. Where Are Those People Who Wrote. Where Are Those People? See Engravedly Remained On The Walls. But The Reality Of It Was Removed From Their Hearts. And The Reality Is That The Al Hamra Palace, To A Great Degree,Encompasses The Decline Of The Muslim Ummah.

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