The World Goes Round and Round

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I want to give thanks first to Hashem Yisbarach for always guiding and inspiring me, as He has provided me with talents and abilities that are beyond my understanding to fulfill my unique mission in this world. I recognize this, and yet, I am humbled, to say the least, that HaKadosh Baruch Hu has given me many gifts to use in the service to Him. Please do not give me any credit and instead direct your praise and applause to the בורא עולם/Creator of The World, as I am simply one of His many creations trying to pass on the message of The Truth and inspire people to get closer to Hashem and follow the instructions of The Torah. I would also like to give credit to the following people and their websites: ~Rabbi Lazer Brody ~Rabbi Shalom Arush ~Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi and and ~Rabbi Eli Mansour ~Rabbi Alon Anava and and and and ~Rabbi Yuval Ovadia - Watch his films and lectures and promote them as well on his channel SPIRITUAL VISUALS - Amazing! ~Rav Daniel Asore - his life story is in an amazing movie done by Yuval Ovadia, called Spiritual Turbulence and also he shares more detail on his own life in 10 part radio show. Here is part 1 and you can find the rest on youtube: Anti-Missionary - Rav Daniel Asore Life Story - Radio program (part 1) - YouTube Daniel Asor, an Israeli who left Israel after completing his prestigious service .. ~Nissim Baruch Black - Black Rapper who became a frum Jew. He has a great story: Website: FB Page: - I looked through it and he has amazing inspirational words to share. What a wonderful and proud Jew and the Kiddush Hashem he makes at his appearances! Youtube channel: Blog: Twitter: ~David Sacks - ~Jews for Judaism - and which responds to Jews for Jesus, Messianic Jewish Christians, evangelical missionaries, cults, eastern religions & other challenges to Jewish continuity. We connect Jews to the spiritual depth, wisdom, beauty and truth of Judaism through free educational programs, materials & counseling services that keep Jews Jewish. Our channel features Rabbi Michael Skobac, a world leading counter-missionary authority with 40 years experience refuting missionary claims & helping Jews leave Christianity. Rabbi Skobac is also a renowned expert on Jewish continuity & issues concerning Cults & Eastern Religions & is JEWS FOR JUDAISM's Director of Education & Counselling. Disclaimer: you do not need to, nor do I ask you to convert to Judaism in order to have a relationship with G-d or a place in heaven. You can be righteous just the same by following the 7 Noahide Laws that were given by G-d which are: 1- prohibition of idolatry 2- prohibition of murder 3- prohibition of theft 4- prohibition of sexual immorality 5- prohibition of blasphemy (using His/Hashem/G-d's name in vain) 6- prohibition of eating flesh from an animal while still alive 7- establishments of courts of law Watch this video about the 7 Noahide Laws: Subscribe to my channel if you have a Gmail, Google+, Picasa, YouTube, Orkut or Google Chrome account and then you can leave a comment and like my videos with the "Thumbs Up." Also share my videos on your social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

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