Wedding Interrupts Lecture (A Cappella Group) University of Michigan

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It was a Bio 171 lecture... until the choir started singing, the podium was brought in, and bridal party started walking the aisles, then it was a wedding venue. Some 54 students were involved with an elaborate, unannounced, lecture prank. The professor, and class, were not informed, asked, or in any other way tipped off to the wedding they were about to witness. The objector was not hurt in the making of this lecture prank. We picked ALL the rose petals up at the conclusion of his lecture. This is the original copy... I am the copyright holder. Note: we are not affiliated with the UM Patriots, nor any other formal prank group. We operate independent from said groups, and are not a group of our own, merely a rag-tag group of friends. The why = just for the heck of it. We had no idea what the lecture topic for that day was going to be... it was out of shear logistical feasibility and convenience that we chose said day to pull the prank. Enjoy, The Director for licensing/usage please contact

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