SHOCKING VIDEO: Students FIGHT Teachers at Arlington High School In Indianapolis!!

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INDIANAPOLIS - A dramatic video is taking social media by storm. It shows a serious fight between an Arlington High School student and an employee who took blows from that student after they wrestled to the floor in the school hallway. Indianapolis Public Schools is investigating the fight, which happened at the school last Friday. The beginning of the video shows two adults breaking up a fight between two students in the hallway. WTHR has blurred the students' faces in the video and edited the profanities that the student was shouting. The person recording the incident focuses on one of the girls and the school employee who continued to struggle. They wrestled to the floor, where the student repeatedly throws punches. She also repeatedly yells, "Get your hands off of me." Part of the IPS "use of force" policy states staff members can use limited physical force to prevent injury and goes on to mention self-defense. During the employee-student fight, the student repeatedly punched the employee in the head. You can also hear other students in the background egging on the student to grab the staff members hair. Other school employees eventually get the student and their co-worker separated, but the student still kicks the employee and even mentions a previous fight. "You didn't get enough? You didn't get enough?" the girl shouts at the school employee. "I am pressing charges," the employee responds. "Don't put your hands on me. That's why my brother beat you up. You didn't get enough?" the girl says. There are no serious injuries reported from the fight. The staff member seen in the fight remains on the job at Arlington High School. The IPS spokesperson would not reveal what discipline - if any - has been taken against the students involved in the incident. Statement from IPS: "On Friday, September 2, two staff members attempted to intervene in a student altercation at Arlington High School in order to maintain safety. Nearby staff members immediately called for assistance. School is operating as usual, as Arlington’s administrative team and IPS Police continue to investigate the matter. As always, our first priority is to ensure the safety of our students." This isn't the first time eyewitnesses caught a fight on camera at an Indianapolis high school. In May 2015, video surfaced of a fight between two students at Northwest High School. In that case, a boy was punching a girl. A teacher stood by and tried to talk them into breaking it up, which was policy for staff members at that time. IPS told us right after the 2015 incident that staffers were not allowed to put their hands on students. The school suspended the 17-year-old boy involved and he later pleaded guilty to battery charges.

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