8b Buddhist Doctrines - no self, impermanence, rebirth, four noble truths

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A screencast lecture on Buddhist doctrines and philosophies.. Lecture three of four lectures on Buddhism. http://tinyurl.com/religionsclass Screencast lectures by Dr. Dale Tuggy, for his INDS 120 World Religions - a college course surveying the traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and introducing students to the terms and classic theories of Religious Studies. You can take this course for credit during July 2014. See: It counts as a GenEd World Civilizations course for SUNY schools, and may count for various requirements in Religious Studies or general education at your school (contact your Registrar's office if you're unsure). This series is being created Feb - June 2014, so more screencasts are coming each week.

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