Neil deGrasse Tyson Lecture @ UW 5/12/2011 FULL

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Neil deGrasse Tyson gives a wonderful lecture at the University of Washington; covering Astronomy, Sociology, and Scientific development in an entertaining lecture. NDT Shows up around Please note that this video is for Educational purposes, and as such is posted under terms of Fair Use. It is important that education passes through on all mediums to those who wish to learn - and thank you, the viewer, for seeking to expand your knowledge. Another Note: I was not physically present at this lecture. I am not the camera man. The Camera man did what he could to keep NDT on the camera while also paying attention to the slides. Sometimes he didn't catch the slides. If he focused on the slides only, there would be a crop of complainers that they never showed NDT. So before you add to the complaint list about the Camera Man's work, then either stop watching this video, or upload your own - Complaints do nothing but try to show how smart you were that you have something negative to say.

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