Full Uncle Moishy CHAZAQ Show with Mordy, Cousin Nachum, the Mitzvah Men and Uncle Moishy!

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Uncle Moishy and the Mitzvah Men is a Jewish American children's educational entertainment group based in New York City, featured in audio and video releases, as well as appearing live in concert such as this video where they performed for the prominent CHAZAQ organization. Their tapes, CDs and videos are sold in most Jewish music and Judaica stores. Uncle Moishy has traveled internationally, giving shows in Israel, Canada, England, Austria, South Africa and Hong Kong. Lead musician and singer Moshe Tanenbaum stars as "Uncle Moishy" who leads his "Mitzvah Men" in song. They focus on the religious aspects of Judaism that most easily relate to young children, such as the laws of Shabbat, kashrut and the giving of charity, as well as the good deeds of Ethics of Our Fathers, such as helping others and being nice. For more information about upcoming CHAZAQ events and programs, please Visit Together We Can Make A Difference, To donate online to CHAZAQ please visit

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