1967 Bolshoi Ballet School Students (Gordeyev, Bogatyrev, Leonova, Drozdova, Fedorov) Golovkina

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This 1967 Bolshoi Ballet School film shows performance clips and many classroom exercises with some of these students, Margarita Drozdova, Marina Leonova, who replaced Sofia Golovkina (shown teaching) as director of the Bolshoi School after retiring from Bolshoi Ballet. Pyotr Pestov and Alexei Yermolayev are also shown teaching.Grad students Alexander Bogatyrev and Vyacheslav Gordeyev plus 6th year student Nikolai Fedorov are also shown. The voice of Leonid Lavrovsky is heard at the beginning of this film , talking about Margarita Drozdova. Lavrovsky choreographed the original Romeo and Juliet and was chief Choreographer for the Bolshoi Ballet and became director of the ballet school in 1964. Lavrovsky died shortly after this film in 1967, dying one day after Maya Plisetskaya's 42nd birthday. Plisetskaya will celebrate her 89th birthday in November. Lavrovsky was artistic director of the Kirov (Mariinsky) Ballet prior to World War 2. Early on, the selection process of aspiring students for the school is shown. My biggest complaint of this film is that one skinny Italian boy should have never been shown and much too little of Gordeyev is shown..Gordeyev was years ahead of his time in technical brilliance and he deserved much more than was shown of him. Also, when they showed two specific graduating students together, the vastly superior Alexander Bogatyrev was not given his deserved attention as some Italian, who pediatrapaola can tell us who this vastly inferior Italian to Bogatyrev is. After seeing Gordeyev turn, who would want to see that clumsy, skinny, Italian turning,although he was able to execute multiple pirouettes, but awful style and positioning, compared to the always elegant and powerful Bogatryev. The Bolshoi School known as the Moscow Choreographic School, used elements of the famous Vaganova style from Leningrad (Saint Petersburg)

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