I'm the One Who Rules the School - By Clive Webster - Speech Festival 2011, Hong Kong.

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Video pronunciation guide for the 2011 Speech Festival in Hong Kong. Presented by Tom Grundy. Here are a few things to remember... 1) Make sure you understand your poem. Ask for help if there are any words you don't know. Think about when and where the poem is set. What is the message? The meaning? 2) Try to find out about the writer, the author. 3) Make sure you can remember your poem well. Read it aloud, practice at home, write it down and learn it line-by-line, piece-by-piece. Perform your poem for your mom, dad, helper, grandparents, cat, dog - anyone who will listen. 4) Use expression and intonation carefully. This means you should show some emotion and use your voice to match your poem. Express the exciting parts, sad parts and happy parts. However, don't get over-excited and try to keep your body and hands still - most judges do not like actions or body language. 5) Take breaks, relax, don't be nervous. Take a deep breath before reading! 6) Go to www.howjsay.com for help with pronunciation.

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