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This episode explains the usage of past simple tense. As we use am/is/are in the present tense; we use was and were in th simple past BM English Speaking introduces Free Online Basic English Grammar Lessons that you can learn in 1 minute. By the end of this chapter you will have mastered the usage of was / were in positive sentences in the past simple tense. Click here to Register - Was/Were She is in the kitchen now. [Present Simple] Sheela was in class last morning. [Past simple] Formula: • Am/is (present) - Was (past) • Are (present) -- Were (past) Order: I/he/she/it -- Was You/we/they -- Were examples Present tense (now) Past tense I am hungry. I was hungry. Am I looking pretty? Was I looking pretty? Sita is at home. Sita was at home. He is very excited today. He was very excited last week. Today there is a lecture on grooming. Yesterday there was a lecture on grooming. Why are you late? Why were you late yesterday? Are Reshma and Suresh invited to the party? Were Reshma and Suresh invited to the party? Summary Do subscribe for our daily episodes on grammar. LinkedIn link:

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