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Mortensen Math ahead of its time, has always presented seemingly advanced subjects - Algebra, Calculus to very young students. Six year olds. Even four year olds! By Exploring & Discovering the "general principles" of Algebra BEFORE exposure to the "specific principles" of Arithmetic, students have time to internalize through an intuitive process, basic "milestones" of mathematics well before they are called upon to traverse more advanced subjects in Jr High and High School. This avoids the frequently heard alarm of students arriving at middle and upper school and feeling they have landed on some foreign planet where they are now expected to "speak" "Algebra" which feels like a foreign language if they have had no proper preparation. Mortensen Math works for everyone whether gifted & talented, Learning Disabled, Dyslexic, or average, middle of the continuum. It has been tried and tested from the Inuit of Alaska, to the Aboriginal of Australia, and everywhere in between. Students in studies who were part of the "experimental group" using Mortensen Math, enthusiastically outperformed the others. Mortensen Math appeals to and pleases all the senses. No matter which sense is strongest in the learner, this program provides the emphasis needed for the most clarity and solid understanding. The Mortensen Math Curriculum has been around for 30+ years. It was ahead of its time among very few manipulative based programs. It was created by an A.M.I. (Association Montessori Internationale - Bergamo Italy) Montessori trained Elementary School Teacher. Jerry Mortensen's Teaching Certificate was signed by Mario Montessori, Dr. Maria Montessori's son. Maria Montessori was the first woman allowed to attend Medical School in Italy in the 1800s. Mortensen was inspired by the Montessori method, where every subject is carefully dissected, broken down to it's least common denominator. By "isolating the difficulty" each math discipline reveals its secrets and shares the "ironic" discovery that "Calculus is just as easy as Arithmetic!" "Algebra is just as easy as Arithmetic!" "Trigonometry is just as easy...." "Geometry is just as easy as..." Mission Statement THE MISSION OF MORTENSEN MATH is to CHANGE the way students are taught. To help any student become an ACHIEVER, a BELIEVER in herself and himself. THE DIFFERENCE MORTENSEN MATH CAN MAKE: Students leave the "system" WITH THEIR DIGNITY INTACT. Students receive the GIFT of CHOICE. No one need be held back by a lack of confidence in math skills, causing avoidance of careers based on FEAR of math. Students now have the FREEDOM OF CHOICE based on their STRENGTHS in math to become Economists, Engineers, Robotics Developers, Astronauts, Scientists, TEACHERS, or even President! URL References VIEW FULL VIDEO GRID ON REALLOVESONG'S CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE: VIEW MANY MORE Videos/Tutorials: Mortensen Math, JazzMath,,, Visit Ben Rogers, Master Trainer, Teacher, Tutor for over 20 years using Mortensen Math on Maui HI and around the world: View online conversations about MORTENSEN MATH: CONTACT: 800+4plus4=8! [800-475-8748] Email Customer Service: E1: E2: Web: Legal TRADEMARKS & DOMAINS: Mortensen Math, VJMCO, iLuvMath, TheMathNetwork, COUNT29, RNumbers, NannyNumbers, NummyNumbers, mykidsmath, L1-L12math, teachersmanuals, mathsciences, mathmanuals, teachmath, learnmath, mathQ, mathWHQ, mathnet, are all Exclusive Trademarks and/or Domains belonging to LLC, LLC. Copyright 1981 - 2011 recurring Mortensen Math, VJMCO,, World Headquarters, in association with ReaLLoveSong Media, Hollywood, CA ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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