My School Talent Show 2015 ~ Lay Me Down

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OPEN THIS FOR A LOLLIPOP 》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》 ♡ Soundcloud: ♡ Twitter: (@miafallara) ♡ Vine: (@miafallara) ♡ Facebook Fanpage: ... ♡ Instagram: (@miafalalalala) 》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》 Hey guys! This week I don't have an official cover but I was in my school's talent show recently so I thought I would share the video with you. I sang an acoustic version of Lay Me Down by Sam Smith and I hope you guys like it(: Be sure to check out all of my links up above and also feel free to leave me comments of which songs you guys want me to cover in upcoming videos. Also, be sure to share this video with your friends so that they can subscribe as well it would mean so much to me! Thanks for watching my videos and I love you guys so much♥ 》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》

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