EU Referendum BreExit Win as British People Battle Against Establishment Elite, Bankers

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The latest propaganda card played by the Remain in the EU establishment camp was of George Osborne calling on his good buddy, Jamie Dimon, the head of JP Morgan to come to Britain and do his best to scare the British people into voting to REMAIN within the EU on June 23rd as being in the best interests of the British establishment who OWN Britain. So Jamie acted out the role of being the fourth horseman of a Brexit financial apocalypse that would see Britain's financial sector evaporate. Though maybe not on par with the last financial apocalypse that the likes of JP Morgan helped bring about in 2008. That saw the world's governments blackmailed into bailing out the banks to the tune of $trillions of dollars. Where even little old blighty was forced to cough up over £500 billion to bailout Britain's banks, and then had a £4 trillion noose of banking sector liabilities put around the necks of the British tax payer or else face financial armageddon... Support our Brexit Campaign - Ensure you are subscribed for in-depth analysis and detailed trend forecasts for: BrExit to Save Europe from the Apocalypse US Dollar Trend Forecast UK Housing Market Trend Forecasts US Stock Market Forecasts US House Prices Detailed Multi-Year Trend Forecast Gold and Silver Price Forecast and subscribe to our free newsletter and visit for more.

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