Dr. Kent Hovind - Creation Science Class (CSE 201) (Part Five)

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BRIEF SUMMARY OF DR KENT HOVIND'S TEN YEARS OF PERSECUTION BY THE GOVERNMENT: "Kent Hovind is a well known and respected Creation Science Evangelist who spent more than 25 years traveling to 49 states and 37 countries preaching on Creation vs Evolution, The Bible, and Dinosaurs. Kent Hovind spoke 900 times a year spending most weeks of the year preaching the Gospel anywhere and everywhere. He successfully debated some of the most respected evolutionists in the world at Universities and ran a wildly successful theme park and museum in Pensacola Florida called 'Dinosaur Adventure Land' which he charged no admission to enter. Dr. Kent Hovind reinvested all of his proceeds back into his ministry never having a person net worth of more than $10,000, driving an old church van, and living in a church parsonage. All of this despite leading a ministry that grossed several million dollars since its inception. In 2006 a government SWAT team raided Kent's home during their morning prayers and rushed both Kent and his Wife off to prison. They could not find any personal tax violations and two grand juries were dismissed because they found Kent innocent. Then the judge brought in a third grand jury and set forth a charge of "structuring" (which was designed for drug dealers) to keep Kent in jail. The IRS in 2014 has now openly apologized for targeting conservatives/Christians with this bogus charge yet has not freed Kent but rather they are trying to find ways to keep him in prison forever now so he cannot teach against evolution any longer. He was also charged 3 years for praying for the IRS agent that raided his house on the radio and for not withholding taxes from employees. The problem? Kent had no employees. It would be like holding taxes for the guy who mows your lawn. Kent had missionaries who assisted his ministry that he gave cash to. All of them paid taxes for themselves so no crime was ever committed. The Judge in this case is the same Judge who in 2009 attempted to put two Florida teachers in prison for 'Praying before they ate their lunch' at school (She teamed up with the ACLU to do so). Kent's family and friends and anyone who has spoken out and publicly supported Kent have been intimidated, audited, and threatened by the government. Computers have been hacked, CPS has been used, and much much more. Even if Kent was guilty, which he's not, he should have only served 18 months. That is a comparable sentence to such famous cases as Wesley Snipes and Lauryn Hill who both served short terms for much more egregious tax violations. When Kent entered prison in 2007 the average sentence for a child molester was 7 years - Kent has now almost spent 9 years in prison. The case is full of corruption, scandals, and false witness. It is a case of Christian persecution with national constitutional implications." Official Kent Hovind Website Dr.Kent Hovind's Teaching Materials & DVDs: Bill & Joe Interview Persecuted Pastor Kent Hovind On Blog Talk Radio (2-21-15) Additional Grassroots Hovind Support Websites 20 Shocking Things That Have Happened In the Kent Hovind IRS Targeting & Persecution Case Since 2004 (spread this everywhere!) Trey Covers Kent Hovind's Persecution Beginning To Present (4-27-15) – Please Share This Everywhere! Illegal Imprisonment of Christians in America | Kent Hovind vs IRS Structuring | Why Kent Hovind is in Prison (3-22-15) Judge Rodgers' Preposterous Speech Before Kent Hovind Was Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison (2006) Social Media: Boots On the Ground – Supporting Kent Hovind At Upcoming Trial in Pensacola Nine of Dr.Kent Hovind's Thirty-Seven E-Books Written From Prison: Kent’s Converts Prison Ministry & Discipleship (Kent has led nearly 800 inmates to Jesus) To mail a personal letter to Pastor Kent Hovind click on the link below:

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