How to Write a Screen Play and then sell it

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http://howtowriteascreenplayandthense... How to Write a Screen Play and then sell it. A Step By Step Approach To Writing A Script That Sells, This Will Give You Everything You Need To Write, Pitch And Sell Your Screenplay What you get.... 49 instant script ideas so you never get stuck for winning ideas The 15 step beat sheet to take you from first page to complete draft 10 proven ways to overcome writers block and finish that script 7 critical elements you must include in your pitch 6 things you must avoid when you pitch your script The truth behind writing a screenplay The complete and most up to date list of genres 5 essential questions you should ask before choosing a genre How to satisfy the audience's expectations every time The 10 important factors of a great story The surprising reasons why all scripts are not the same 15 things you must know about formatting your script The secret art of creating characters that work How to easily pull of writing brilliant dialogue The 17 screenplay do's and don'ts that will stop a script from selling How to pitch your screenplay like a professional 11 little-known things to remember when pitching

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