"School Lockdown" The Intruder ft. Scared Students

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When a mysterious masked figure enters the doors of Barrie North Collegiate, students are forced to hide while the video tells in a musical form what to do in case of a lockdown or code red at your school. The song is a rewrite of "Love Lockdown" By Kanye West. This video was made in my Comm Tech class for our 30 Minute broadcastIF YOU USE MY VIDEO FOR SOMETHING LET ME KNOW, I'D LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT IT The only sort of audio editing I use in the video is intentional auto tune, that doesn't actually tune the voice (Thats why it may sound off) Starring: Tiffany Scott- The Intruder Kourtney Leslie- Main student Tyler Sturguess- Hiding student Lyrics: Comin' after you, The way I shouldn't do What you have to do, Hide inside a room If you're in my view, You're doing it wrong Get out of the halls, Don't you dare roam So you never go, Never never go Never go outside, Till it's over Till the music goes, Systems in control Goin' doo doo doo doo-oo Don't know where to go, In the bathroom stall See you gotta move, Classroom nearest you Need to keep it low, Keep your voice down low So intruders in the school don't have to know So keep your doors locked now, Your school's locked down Keepin' your voices low, Your mouths closed now Keep your head low down, Sit on the ground Until you hear the sound, Doo doo ----------------------------------- FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL NETWORKS TUMBLR: and TWITTER: and INSTAGRAM:

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