Writing Thrillers And Lessons Learned From Forty Years Of Writing with David Morrell

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http://www.TheCreativePenn.com David Morrell is the multi-award winning and many times bestselling author of 35 books, as well as many short stories, essays and collaborations that have sold millions of copies and are available in many different languages. He has a Phd in American literature and was a Professor of Literature at the University of Iowa. His novel 'First Blood,' became the Rambo franchise, his latest novel is 'Murder as a fine art,' a historical thriller, and today we're talking about his book for writers, 'The Successful Novelist,' recently updated and released in ebook format as well as print. We discuss: The themes that David returns to in his writing A thriller author who actually lives a thriller life. On taking research to extremes On the inspiration for Murder As A Fine Art David's writing process The precariousness of life. Don't spend time writing books that are aren't worth writing. Writing a letter to yourself before you start a book Screenwriting and Rambo Movie contract clauses you should watch out for The business of being an author. Even after so many years, David spends an hour a day on marketing On The Architecture of Snow and publishing Longevity in the business

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