LearnLaunch: Standards Based, Competency Based Learning Emerges in K-12

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At the 2015 LearnLaunch Conference, Julia Freeland moderates a panel on competency-based education in K-12 schools. Panelists include Renee Foster, President and Publisher, Curriculum Associates; Alison Hramiec, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Boston Day and Evening Academy; Tom Raffio, Chairman, New Hampshire Board of Education; and Claudia Reuter, Vice President, HMH Labs at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - Introduction by Julia Freeland. - How Boston Day and Evening Academy is different from a traditional high school. - New Hampshire is a leader in CBE. State policy is to measure by mastery instead of credit hours. What does this means for teachers? - How can entrepreneurs and vendors use new tools to support this student-centered paradigm? What is the future of assessments? - Alternative methods for students to demonstrate mastery. - Importance of aligning CBE tools with state compliance needs in K-12. - Tools to support this paradigm: information systems, Salesforce for education. - Tools; paperless grade books must be teacher-friendly and accessible to parents and students. - CBE stamp on products doesn’t necessarily mean it’s meeting school’s needs. - Advice to entrepreneurs: what are the biggest gaps in this space? Student-directed learning and student motivation; classroom management tools. - Integration; improving the teacher experience. - Q&A For more on competency-based education, visit .

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