English Lesson for Khmer learners | English Grammar | Verb

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This lesson is presenting you Verb which is the most important part of sentence structure in English Language. In every sentence, there must be at least a verb. There are a number of types of verb which will be discussed in the upcoming video. By the way, in this video we only present to you the definition, example, and some exercises for you to identify a verb in a sentence. The purpose of this video is to share the knowledge of English parts of speech concerning Verb to all English learner as their reference or their wanted help. Actually the verb in a sentence could be a main verb or a helping verb. And their are many characteristics which can help you, the English learner identify the exact roles of a certain verb in every sentence. In this video requires learners to pay full attention to the lecture. Otherwise, they would miss the points. We hope that this video will be a big help to all of viewer and we need you comment, Like , Share, and Subscribe to encourage us in making more videos. Thanks you for your support. Let's learn...

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