Gnosticism: The Sorrow of Sophia - Lecture by Stephan Hoeller

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Where does suffering come from? "Sophia" means Wisdom. Who is Sophia, one of the key figures in Gnostic systems of thought? Date lecture: October 18, 1996 -Quotes: "Salvation/Redemption from a Gnostic point of view is not the conventional Judeo-Christian concept of Liberation or Salvation from SIN, but rather is the Liberation from a certain condition, a condition of which suffering is an integral part, namely our existential condition of unconscious existence in an unconscious world.. THAT is what the Gnostic wants to be redeemed from...." (Stephan Hoeller) "To be Good you have to be tuned in to that which is Really Good, because a lot of your assumed Goodness is a device of the ego..." (Stephan Hoeller) Profound and pithy lecture by Stephan Hoeller available from

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