Frozen Kids Spiderman Superhero School Part 1 Krista Plays With AllToyCollector DisneyCarToys

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DisneyCarToys Spider-Man Superhero School with Disney Frozen Elsa and Anna's kids. This Frozen Barbie Parody is made by DisneyCarToys and AllToyCollector for Part 2. Kristoff and Disney Princess Anna send their daughter to Marvel Spider-Man's school. There are 2 new Chelsea Barbie dolls at the school, from the AllToyCollector Channel and Krista becomes friends with them. Annabelle and Amber confuse Elsa and Prince Felix's son Alex to be Toby. Krista will play at the twin's home and confuse her parents for a different Kristoff and Anna. See more toy videos at: Frozen Kids School Prank Barbie Elsa Spiderman Anna Felicia & Krista Part 2 of Krista with Annabelle and Amber dolls on the AllToyCollector channel. Frozen Elsa Kids Barbie Kelly Castle With Chelsea Dolls Prince and Princess: Barbie Babysitter Peeing Color Change Baby: Frozen Kids Spiderman Superhero School With Minnie Mouse Nieces and Felicia: ❤ Follow Us ❤ ❤ More Toy Channels ❤ SUBSCRIBE Music from YouTube song title Blue Break.

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