Learn Colors with Dump Trucks | Educational Video for Kids by Brain Candy TV

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Download our videos for ad-free, offline viewing at: http://www.braincandytv.ca/shop/ Your kids will love learning their colors with this fun educational video featuring colorful dump trucks transporting loads of fruits and vegetables. We'll identify the colors of the fruits and vegetables and also find some stray toys mixed in with the cargo after it's delivered to the depot across town. I hope this fun visual presentation helps your little ones to learn their colors and how to apply them to everyday objects. If your children are enjoying our videos or if you have any suggestions or feedback, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. Cheers, Michael Brain Candy TV is dedicated to producing fun and engaging educational videos that your kids will love. You can view our channel here: or subscribe using the following link: You can also follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: This video is transcribed for the hearing impaired and for translation into any language - perfect for learning English and for ESL students. Rendered with help from render farm

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