Mountain and Plains (CBSE NCERT Social Science)

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INDIA OUR MOTHERLAND - MOUNTAINS AND PLAINS (CBSE NCERT Social Science) SuccessCDs Education ( ) is an online channel focused on providing education through Videos as per CBSE, ICSE and NCERT syllabi upto Class 12 (K-12) for English, Hindi, Science, Social Science, Sanskrit and other subjects. Also visit our Channel for Entrance Exams in India FAQs & Application Process, GK & Current Affairs, Communication Skills Our website ( ) is one of the leading portal on Entrance Exams and Admissions in India. The name India is derived from the river Indus, the valleys around which were the home of the early settlers. 7th Largest Country in the World LARGEST DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY IN THE WORLD SECOND MOST POPULOUS COUNTRY IN THE WORLD LOCATION & EXTENT INDIA LIES NORTH OF THE EQUATOR It lies between 8 Degrees 4' N Latitude in the South and 37 Degrees 6' N Latitude in the North and ... It lies Between 68 Degrees 7' E Longitude in the West and 97 Degrees 25' E Longitude in the East. The Tropic of Cancer (23 Degree 30' N) passes through India... Arabian Sea Bay of Bengal KANYAKUMARI is the Southern most tip of the Indian Peninsula. India is a land of high Mountains, mighty rivers, fertile plains Extensive plateaus And Coastal plains. Broadly the main land can be divided into four physical units. THE NORTHERN MOUNTAINS High Mountain Ranges run along the entire northern boundary of India. The Northern most range is the KARAKORAM RANGE. South of the Karakoram Range are the mighty Himalayas. GREATER HIMALAYAS LESSER HIMALAYAS SHIVALIK HILLS PURVANCHAL The Himalayas have some of the Highest Peaks in the World. MANY RIVERS ALSO ORIGINATE FROM THE HIMALAYAS. They are a large stretch of level and fertile lands formed by the Alluvial deposits of the Indus, Ganga, Brahmaputra and their tributaries. The Punjab Haryana Plain The Ganga Plain The Brahmaputra Plain THE PENINSULAR PLATEAU Follow us:

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