Avatamsaka Sutra Lecture at Berkeley Buddhist Monastery, 28 May 2016

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About the class: Weekly Saturday evening Avatamsaka Sutra lecture. Rev. Heng Sure will be giving the lecture from Australia. Covering the Avatamsaka Sutra, "Ten Grounds Chapter" Visit for Sutra and lecture details. Chat will be available during the live event. After the event, questions about lecture and Dharma can be posted at In today's lecture, Rev. Heng Sure covers sutra of page 54-55 and talk about Four Methods of Attraction ( 四攝 ) in depth, and explains Four Supports (四持) , Thirty-seven Categories of the Way, (三十七道品) At the end of the lecture, Rev. Heng Sure told a wonderful story about Seven Bodhi Shares. Following is the sutra text in page 54-55 covered in today's lecture: "Disciples of the Buddha, this Bodhisattva brings these Ten Paramitas to perfection in each successive thought. In the same way, he re nes to perfection, in each successive thought, the Four Dharmas of Attraction, the Four Supports, the Thirty-seven Categories of the Way, the Three Doors to Liberation, even including all the Bodhi-Share Dharmas. 佛子。此十波羅蜜•菩薩於念念中皆得具足。 如是•四攝、四持、三十七品、三解脫門•略 說乃至一切菩提分法•於念念中皆悉圓滿。" Announcements: DRBU Sudhana Center is hosting the first retreat this week: BBM will host Buddha Recitation Retreat 6/25/2016, 6/26/2/2016

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