Lecture: Kenneth Goldsmith,

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Kenneth Goldsmith Lecture - "If We Had To Ask for Permission, We Wouldn't Exist: A Brief History of UbuWeb." Kenneth Goldsmith's writing has been called "some of the most exhaustive and beautiful collage work yet produced in poetry" by Publishers Weekly. Goldsmith is the author of ten books of poetry, founding editor of the online archive UbuWeb, and the editor of I'll Be Your Mirror: The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews, which was the basis for the opera Trans-Warhol, that premiered in Geneva in March of 2007. He teaches writing at The University of Pennsylvania, where he is a senior editor of PennSound, an online poetry archive. In 2011, he co-edited, Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing and published a book of essays, Uncreative Writing: Managing Language in the Digital Age.

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