Unreal Tournament - Headshot Montage Important Announcement(Read the descripition)

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Yep, another one.. it's still pretty loud here and now that the holiday ended, I'm back to regularly going to school and with the freshmen year concluding, I'm gonna be having tons of tests which is why I'm very likely to not upload. I will have Fridays and Saturdays and I'll make good use of these days. Also, DOOM in less than a week! I'm so hyped and I'm definitely gonna do a walkthrough on it! I'll pre-order it on my birthday :D Until then, enjoy this montage I spent quite some time on that it's practically a piece of my soul :D Music used in this video: Progressive Rock - Audionautix Progressive Rock by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license () Artist: Again, it is extremely hard to snipe in a game where you can literally dodge the bullet so headshoot that like button! Don't forget to comment down, share with all your peeps and subscribe to become a MLGLogist today!

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