Lecture (only) - Michael Bird - Paul’s Theology Between Messianic Event and Salvation History

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Lecture by Michael Bird "An Invasive Story: Paul’s Theology Between Messianic Event and Salvation-History" NOTE The title on the video is adjusted for length. It is too long for YouTube This Lecture was given 7pm - 9pm on Saturday February 6, 2016 at The Lanier Theological Library Chapel in Houston, Texas. It is part of the Lanier Library Lecture Series. A series devoted to bringing world class lectures to benefit the community of all those who might be interested. I am indebted to the generosity of the library to allow me to share these videos of theirs. Please support them by visiting their website for more information and resources: Description: Lecture by Michael Bird "An Invasive Story: Paul’s Theology between Messianic Event and Salvation-History" In the contemporary study of the Apostle Paul, some scholars have stressed that Paul was a very “apocalyptic” thinker, believing that God had invaded the world to bring an end to “religion” by dramatically revealing salvation in Jesus Christ. Yet some have questioned whether this is really what “apocalyptic” means and whether Paul really posits such a rigorous discontinuity between Israel’s “religion” and his own account of Christian faith. Accordingly, other scholars have contended that Paul had a theology informed by a continuous story called “salvation-history” in which salvation is not the negation of the old order, but its very fulfillment in Christ. The Book of Galatians has been the primary battleground in this debate between “apocalyptic” and “salvation-history” and is currently one of the more contentious contemporary debates in Pauline studies. The purpose of this lecture is to introduce this topic to a wider audience, to briefly evaluate both the apocalyptic and salvation-history approaches, and to propose a somewhat mediating position between them. Michael Bird is a Professor of Theology at Ridley College in Parkville, Australia. bio info: Michael Bird grew up in Brisbane before joining the Army and serving as a paratrooper, intelligence operator, and then a chaplain’s assistant. It was during his time in the military that he came to faith from a non-Christian background and soon felt a call to ministry. He graduated with a B.Min. from Malyon College (2001) and a B.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Queensland (2002, 2005). Michael taught New Testament at the Highland Theological College in Scotland (2005- 2009) before joining Crossway College in Brisbane as lecturer in Theology (2010- 2012). He joined the faculty at Ridley as lecturer in Theology in 2013. Michael describes himself as a “Biblical theologian” who endeavors to bring together Biblical Studies and Systematic Theology. He believes that the purpose of the church is to “gospelize,” that is to preach, promote, and practice the Gospel story of the Lord Jesus Christ. Remembered by students for his mix of outlandish humor and intellectual rigor, he makes theology both entertaining and challenging. As an industrious researcher, Michael has written and edited over twenty books in the fields of Septuagint, Historical Jesus, Gospels, St. Paul, Biblical Theology, and Systematic Theology. His book Evangelical Theology was an attempt to develop a truly gospel-based theology (2013). He is the co-editor of the New Covenant Commentary Series, an associate editor for Zondervan’s The Story of God Bible Commentary, and an elected member of the Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas (the international society of New Testament scholars). He speaks often at conferences in Australia, the UK, and USA and is currently working with N.T. Wright to co-author a New Testament Introduction. He also writes a popular blog called Euangelion.

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