Writing For TV - Leaving Law & Becoming A Screenwriter

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http://jdcareersoutthere.com/ Writing for TV with a law degree is explored in this video interview with NCIS: Los Angeles writer and producer Jordana Lewis Jaffe. Writing for TV became Jordana's dream job during law school. With family expectations that she would practice law, Jordana made the decision that leaving law to pursue her dreams was something she had to do. Jordana tells us her story about how she went from a regular law student with no Hollywood connections to leaving law, becoming a screenwriter and writing for TV. She shares lots of great advice about breaking in to TV writing jobs. In the full interview at JDCOT, Jordana tells host Marc Luber all the details about these types of jobs, from what they're really like and how careers in television work to why a law degree has been helpful and who makes the best fit for this path, Whether you're in law school or wondering what to do with a law degree, JDCOT reveals what your many career options are really like - and how to break in - thanks to interviews with a wide variety of law grads working in law and alternative careers for lawyers. Visit us at: JDCOT on Facebook: JDCOT on Twitter: JDCOT on Google+: JDCOT on LinkedIn:

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