Lessons On Filmmaking - James Kicklighter Full Film Courage Interview

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James Kicklighter shares his experience of being a young director working with professional actress Edith Ivey for the first time, why money has nothing to do with making a real movie, and tell-tale signs that someone is not cut out to be a filmmaker. He also tells us how making short films can help a filmmaker get a feature film made but that a $50,000 short film is a mistake for most filmmakers. He reveals the hardest filmmaking lesson that he has learned, the first five things he does as a director on a film set, and the stresses he faces making a living as a filmmaker. - Filmmakers Can Make Excuses About What They Don’t Have Or They Can Make A Movie - Every Screenplay Is About Life And Death - Money Has Nothing To Do With Making A ‘Real’ Movie - When A Young Director Works With A Professional Actor For The First Time - Advice To Filmmakers Who Are Having Trouble Getting Their First Movie Made - Why A Filmmaker Shouldn’t Try To Sell Their First Movie - How To Know If Someone Isn’t Cut Out To Be A Filmmaker - How A Short Film Can Help A Filmmaker Get A Feature Made - Two Questions A Filmmaker Should Ask Themselves Before Saying Yes To A Project - Forget The 5 Minute Pitch, How About 18 Hours - Comparing Bollywood To American Filmmaking - For The Majority Of Filmmakers, A $50,000 Short Film Is A Mistake - Advice To Film School Graduates On Making A Living As A Filmmaker - Hardest Filmmaking Lesson That I’ve Learned - Should A Filmmaker Ever Fire A Friend Off A Movie? - First 5 Things A Director Does On A Film Set - Biggest Time Waster On A Movie Set - There Is No Wall Around Hollywood - Should A Movie End With A Period Or Question Mark? - 3 Things Every Filmmaker Must Watch Or Read - The Stress Of Making A LIving As A Filmmaker - A Filmmaker Doesn’t Have All The Time In The World - Making A Movie About A Friend With Cancer - Are Independent Filmmakers Getting Better As Business People? - Best Ways For A Filmmaker To Sell Themselves To Film Financiers - How A Director Can Improve A Script Before Production CONNECT WITH JAMES KICKLIGHTER CONNECT WITH FILM COURAGE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR FILM COURAGE YOUTUBE CHANNEL LISTEN TO THE FILM COURAGE PODCAST PROMOTE YOUR MOVIE, WEBSERIES, OR PRODUCT ON FILM COURAGE SUPPORT FILM COURAGE

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