Jupiter is a children's stop motion animation video for learning French pour apprendre le Français

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French songs for beginners learning French. More music, or buy this song at: www.soundclick.com/monsieur_zimmerman English songs at:www.dean18.com Animation video for children and anyone else learning French. Song written and recorded by Dean Zimmerman. Simple vocabulary and a story about Jupiter being the only planet that plays the guitar. The guitar flies from Earth out to space where it is met by other guitars and children who ride the guitars to Jupiter. Unfortunately, there is a meteor that eventually crashes into everyone. The guitar falls back to earth and ends up in the hands of the guitarist who was playing it in the first place. Un video animé pour les enfants. Quelqu'un joue une guitare qui est ensuite envoyée dans l'espace où elle se rencontre avec d'autes guitares et des enfants. Ils s'en vont au Jupiter ou se passent des choses extraordinaires et après la guitare revient à la terre. William Dean Zimmerman

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