Learn with Nature - Forest - for babies, toddlers, infants & preschoolers

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Chapter 3: Forest Knowing & Growing's Magical Nature Journey is an innovative learning experience specially created to gently nurture the development of young, growing minds. The complete 34 minute film guides young viewers on an exciting journey of discovery - from the mountain tops, through forests, along rivers, through fields, to the seashore and into the ocean. Along the way, young viewers encounter a diverse range of patterns, shapes, colors, textures and sounds found exclusively in nature. The natural stimuli are all utilized in a gentle and soothing way to help enhance the development of your baby's brain. Exciting close encounters with a wealth of wonderful animal and plant life, together with multiple color, counting and naming sequences delight the young viewer. Their guides on this enchanting adventure are magical nature children who introduce the audience to the natural wonders of Planet Earth. This inspirational early childhood educational film was developed to work together with the active participation of parents, teachers and guardians in helping to form the next generation of intelligent, imaginative, inquisitive minds.

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