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Mrs. Evelyn Mathematics and Chemistry About Penny Evelyn Penny Evelyn earned a Masters Degree in Mathematics and a Minor in Chemistry. She taught Mathematics, Computer Science, and Chemistry for 35 years. Penny Evelyn directed the Treasury for her school district, before retiring to write diaries about her family in portrait as well as words. Penny Evelyn invites you to visit her family novel at Please contact Penny Evelyn to find out more about her writing services for your own family portrait. Drafted to serve the United States Army in the Korean War at 15 years old, my husband was a language expert speaking various dialects in Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese was studied during the occupation, English, and the differences between locations in South Korea and North Korea. Captured twice as a POW while serving the G.I.s, my husband translated over enemy lines to help American soldiers behind barbed wire in the prison camps. The United States Army sponsored his education at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. He earned an MBA International Business, we met, and a few years later the doctors found he had lung cancer. After all these years, I have begun to chronicle his life. "I wished to create a new book. A new book where my sisters and brothers could collaborate. Combine the stories as a family should. Share the stories as we do at reunions when we sit around the table eating BBQ, potato salad, and angel cake with chocolate ice cream. I wanted the material in the text to be delicious. Why not? Why not make the photos taste as good as the sweets we eat at a family reunion. This book allows for size. My sister can add photos to the left with a paper clip. My brother can write his opinions on the side. I can scribble stories that the family remember as we browse through the pages." Penny Evelyn comments on the new book she created in order to help the family write more books with the stories the sisters and brothers collect. Penny Evelyn found photographs of her husband in the war. Photographs of where he was born, Incheon, where he was raised Seoul, and more importantly, and stories of where he survived as a prisoner in a North Korean POW camp while serving the United States Army. Bell Helicopters brought my husband to Texas Christian University in Forth Worth, where he studied to earn an MBA International Business. Penny Evelyn found those lost photographs of his life on campus in Fort Worth. She found photos of business trips to Boston, Chicago, and New York City, where he imported and exported products from foreign nations. Evelyn's husband found a job. She says, "The company had a problem with asbestos. My husband's lungs got infected with cancer. He died after surviving the war overseas. I have the photographs now with the resources to write the story of his journey throughout our family's lives." Join Evelyn as she collects the memories of his journeys.

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