Videos For Babies And Toddlers: Learn The Alphabet!

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Please subscribe to our channel at The entire alphabet, compiled in a series of relaxing songs with plenty of characters and mnemonic images so you can learn! It's like a mix tape of great songs, at a pace perfect for young learners. Our videos are engaging to both children and adults, and we encourage you to watch together! There are many wonderful, educational videos on youtube by channels like Little Baby Bum, Chu Chu Tv, Dave and Ava, Super Simple Songs, and Funtastic TV. We take the tone, loudness, and pace of our videos down a notch so the educational goal really sinks in. "Ai and I" brings you an entertaining, educational video perfect for babies, toddlers, ESL students, and anyone else who wants to learn the alphabet in American-style English. Your child will learn the alphabet the easy way: with entertaining, calm, relaxed music, proper pronunciation, word examples, and easy-to-follow images. The pace of this video is particularly great for babies and toddlers ages 0 to 3, but will be fun for all ages! Learn the ABC's early, the easy way! Engaging objects, animals, and music make learning fun! Also great for ESL, English as a Second Language. Good for fast learners and slow learners!!!

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