Audiobook: A Journey to Love

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Get your free audiobook or ebook: A Journey to Love was inspired by Taxi, Life Stories, 2015 Beverly Hills Screenplay official finalist. Julia is a successful young business woman. She runs a multi-million dollar company and travels all over Europe, living the quintessential jet-setter lifestyle. Yet something is missing. Deep down she feels unfulfilled and trapped by the endless demands of her career. A surprise pregnancy and the tragic death of her lover throw Julia into a tailspin of anguish, pain and gloom. However, her despair gradually transforms into hope. A rough a string of taxi adventures across the continent, Julia taps into her inner power, discovers her true passion, and learns some fundamental life lessons. "this book is still absolutely inspiring! Worth reading again and again especially when changes occur in your life as a reminder to keep up" J.ruiz "everyone, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity will love this book.guaranteed!" A. Mata

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