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One of the worst accusations theists can make is that atheists have just as much faith as them. The Fantastic Skeptic looks into this "atheists have faith" argument in depth. --------------------------------------------- This video is for educational/commentary purposes and the use of the clips/images within it fall under the FAIR USE clause under section 107 of copyright law. This video DOES NOT violate copyright, as it provides criticism and commentary for educational/critical commentary purposes and is transformative in nature as well as noncommercial. Anyone is free to download and mirror this video for educational purposes only. --------------------------------------------------------- References/Useful Sources: Blackford, Russell and Schuklenk, Udo. (2013). 50 Great Myths About Atheism. Wiley-Blackwell:Oxford. --------------------------------------------------------- Tags: atheism, Christianity, Islam, Christians, Muslims, Judaism, atheists, atheist, atheists have faith, atheism is based on faith, atheism is not based on faith, philosophy, religion, science, skepticism, The Fantastic Skeptic, philosophy of religion, criticism of Christianity, criticism of religion, The Problem of Faith, faith, belief, evidence, The Bible, Jesus, God, Jesus Christ, Holy Bible, Qur'an, epistemology, logic, argument against religion, argument against God --------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

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