#93 Debate | Richard Carrier vs Mark Goodacre | Historicity Of Jesus

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[Richard Carrier] " #93 Debate | Richard Carrier vs Mark Goodacre | Historicity Of Jesus" Dr. Richard Carrier gives a lecture at CFI Calgary about how science and history can be used to easily disprove religion of any kind, but with special attention paid to Christianity. Watch as Dr. Richard Carrier 2016 outlines the history of religion in humankind for tens of thousands of years before Jesus ever showed up and even then it wasn't original. Ideas borrowed from other cultures and religions like Zoroastrianism lay the foundation for Christianity. The changes made to religions ►►SUBSCRIBE: Website of Richard Carrier: Richard Carrier Wiki: A Response to Richard Carrier: Richard Carrier Blogs: Google+: About Richard Carrier: Richard Carrier has a Ph.D. in the history of philosophy from Columbia University, and is a published philosopher and historian, specializing in contemporary philosophy of naturalism, and in Greco-Roman philosophy, science, and religion, and the origins of Christianity. He blogs regularly, lectures for community groups worldwide, and teaches courses online. dr. richard carrier interview 2016 is the author of many books including Sense and Goodness without God, On the Historicity of Jesus, and Proving History, as well as chapters in several anthologies and articles in academic journals. For more about Dr. Richard Carrier and his work see: #93 Debate | Richard Carrier vs Mark Goodacre | Historicity Of Jesus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Video Source: Agatan Fnd, Mythicist Milwaukee, Milwaukee Atheists,Religion, Atheism, Science1,.... IF THE COPYRIGHTED VIDEOS TO YOUR CHANNEL. PLEASE CONTACT ME. OR COMMENTS UNDER THE VIDEO SO WE REMOVED IT. THANK YOU!

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