14★ Name of Your Holy Guardian Angel Astrologically

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I would like for you to take note that this is a method from the "Three Books of Occult Philosophy". This is not to replace the name you receive from your Angel when you achieve the knowledge and conversation, but I have found this be powerful to name spirits and find the names of the spirits and daimons as a part of ceremonies, this is important because this is the usage of astrology and ceremonial magick together. Once a person has good grasp of these particular studies, I believe it can be helpful in understanding the aspect of renaissance magick. This is a tribute to the legacy that Cornelius Agrippa has left behind for other magicians to walk with, he is by far one of my favorite favorite occultists, Agrippa introduce me to the path I am walking now. ***Contact Social Media*** Etiary: Amazon wishlist: Subscribe: ***Playlists**** Welcome to My Channel: Tarot and Book Reviews: Magick XVIII Radio: Reviews: Tarot Horoscope: Occult Information: Old Radio Shows: Educational Audio Books: Tarot and Kabbalistic Pathworking: Thoughts: Greek Magical Papyri System: Holy Guardian Angel and Abramelin Operation: Magick Teachings: Interviews: Mageia: 2010 Videos: 2011 Videos: 2012 Videos: 2013 Videos: 2014 Videos: 2015 Videos: 2016 Videos: ▼ Click "Show more" ▼ ****************************************­********** My Other Channels ▼ Vayu Tiger Magick and Occult ► Vayu Tiger Tarot ► Vayu Tiger Esoteric and Transmundane ► Social Media▼ Facebook Page ► Twitter ► Etiary ► My Email ►vayutigermagick@gmail.com Playlists▼ Greek Magical Papyri and Demotic System of Magick ► Interviews ► Holy Guardian Angel and Abramelin Operation► Mageia ► Thoughts and Opinions ► Educational Audio Books ► Tarot Pathworking ► Magick XVIII Podcast ► Old Radio Shows ► Occult Information ► Reviews ► Monthly Forecasts ► Music ► Personal Tarot Reading ► Philosophical Discourses ► Magical Experimentation ► Paranormal ►

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