Phillis the Default - School Project (Pivot Animation)

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Have you ever wondered what goes on in the default's life before he's summoned into the realm of pivot? Well, today we will see exactly what happens behind the scenes... as well as a new threat to my channel. Can any of my characters defeat this being? Only the future will tell...(Foreshadowing). Phillis was once a being of creation(animation), but now he's turned into a being of destruction known as, Phillex, all because of one person, and it's myself D: It seems as though I'm in for one wild fight against him. Stay tuned to see if he'll make another appearance... So yeah, this was my Final Spanish project which is why there's Spanish subtitles in the video. I swapped out my voice clips with an automated voice generator, added some sound effects, and boom! This work of art was created. For those of you that are wondering if I passed my final assignment - I did :D Yay! ~Credits~ Programs: Pivot Stick Figure Animator, Camtasia Studio 8, Photo Shop, and Free Natural Reader (Automated Voices) Stick Figures: Me, Tullipis, Vaultus, Styrx, Kuro, and anyone else I forgot. Music: Song#1: Two Steps From Hell - Protectors Of The Earth Song#2: Bardock's Super Saiyan Theme - Controlled Rage -William Werwath Song#3: Mirai Nikki Original Soundtrack - vol 3: track 06 © The music used in this video does not belong to me! All rights reserved to the respective owners(Two Steps From Hell, William Werwath, and Shuichiro Fukuhiro)! Go support their music!

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