Currency (Original Score by Thomas Yee; Screenplay Written and Directed by Ben Holcomb)

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Just before this semester began, I was approached by my good friend Ben Holcomb to score a film that he had shot with the intention of entering Pepperdine University's annual Film Festival, ReelStories FilmFest 4. I readily agreed, scored the film in 9 days, and we entered our film in the competition. It was an incredibly competitive competition, with our film as one of six student productions that were competing for four awards. And I am very pleased to announce that Currency was the recipient of two of those awards: the "Best Impact" award and the "Best Overall Grand Prize" award! Update: Currency has now also won "Best Film Score," "Best Directing," and "Best Screenplay" at the Pepperdine Media Arts Showcase! For obvious reasons, I am especially proud of the award for Best Film Score! The film follows two stories: first, it follows the path of a dollar bill as it travels through the hands of about a dozen people, showcasing snapshots of each of their lives and the various ways that they can use a single dollar bill. Second, it bears the narration of Daniel's aged grandmother, who writes what may be her last letter to him with some of the lessons that she has learned throughout her life. I would say more about the film and the score that I wrote for it, but I think I will let both speak for themselves. I firmly believe that the quality of both is self-evident. All elements of the score were composed and generated by me, and I reserve the rights to them. © Copyright Thomas Yee 2013 Thomas Yee — Musician, Composer, Writer

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