TARANTZILLA [Stop-motion Animation, School Project]

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We had a stop-motion animation course at school. We had something like one month time to create own animation so we made it with a little group. And every member of our group made own characters and animated them. The idea of animation is A MONSTER HUNTING! /O/ Originally we had a great plot (we planned to make a super epic battle and everything), but we ran out of time, so we decided to change it as trailer. Members: Boxxer - The creator and voice of Grool, edition Sakke - The creator and voice of Keijo, coloring of pictures Some812 - The creator and voice of Blob, special effects and most of technical stuff KamiKami - The Creator and voice of Speckle, sketching of pictures Music is from freesounds.org // While I tried to figure out what to write here, Boxxer gave me some help with it. XD "hey its me bub dayman, kamikamikaze is having a brainfart so i'll just continue here lo it's just a fuckin animation and we did it and it was pretty cool huh i did all the editing yknow osmo the some812 did all the cool shit like special effects and blurs the video quality is a bit poor cause we did some wack shit iunno enjoy i guess props to freesounds those guys rule woo" //

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