Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody school project

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"Bohemian Rhapsody" A Night at the Opera Queen EMI - Electra This was a college film project I did way back in 2008. It's just artistic expression there to entertain and nothing else. I wish to not get any profit from it, I just love the music, I love Queen, and I wanted to do something to honor them and this AMAZING song. This is a rough cut though, and a newer better version of it will hopefully go up at some point soon. The original concept for the video was by my brother years ago, and it festered in my head for years, just thinking of how to actually do it with little to no budget. I needed three things, the right equipment, the right people (including the amount of people), and the right facilities. Luckily, all three were in line during my spring semester of 2008. I wrote, directed, and edited the entire project by myself. I didn't want anyone else involved, taking credit, or doing something on the project that I didn't like or didn't agree with. I just needed complete control. Which worked, after long hours of work. It's still a rough cut because for some reason, it cuts to black before the door closes at the end, and I still need music for the ending credits. But other than that, it's a finished project. I hope you enjoy and leave loving comments for me. ~Ty Anaya

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