Austrian Economics with Glenn Jacobs

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This economic presentation with Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane, was documented on September 5, 2013. 0:00:00 - 1:03:16 - Austrian Economics Presentation - - Q & A "It really ticks me off when I hear leftists and statists talk about how the free market causes wealth inequality, the free market doesn't. The free market though out history has allowed poor people to pull themselves up and has given people more socio economic ability to move up and down the socio economic ladder, up, than anything else in history. Paul Krugman, who is a keynesian economist par excellence, just wants to inflate like crazy, but yet he writes a column for the New York Times and it's called 'Conscience of a Liberal', because he loves poor people despite the fact that he's the guy that's killing them, but then he'll look at someone like me and say you hate the poor. I don't hate the poor, I hate the fact that they're poor." —Glenn Jacobs ( - )

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