Convert to MP3 for your device with YouTube MP3jam Read this site today and discover the amazingly simple system that's helping hundreds of people just like you fulfill their dreams of writing a screenplay... "Award Winning NYU Professor, Writing Coach and Script Consultant Shows You Step-By-Step How To Quickly and Easily Structure Your Screenplay So You Can Finish Your Script Fast!" Do you dream of writing a screenplay but dont have a clue about how or where to begin? Are you frustrated because you can't find the information that you need to craft an original, well-structured movie script? If so, you're not alone. Because... it's extremely difficult to find specific information on how to become a working television or film writer. Most screenwriting books and DVDs were written and produced by non-writers, who spend most of their time in the classroom and on the lecture circuit, and with all due respect, most of them have never been through the process of writing a screenplay themselves so their knowledge is limited to just the theoretical. Besides that, there are actually 4 crucial parts that all great scripts need before they will be bought and produced by a studio. If you send out your script before you learn these 4 things you could blow your chance of ever selling your script! And once your script has been optioned you still have the chance to continue working on the project. Every producer, director, and development executive will be asking him or herself if they would trust you with the rewrites. You'll need to learn the tips and tricks that'll propel you to the front of your fellow writers so they will buy the movie YOU wrote. And believe me, any script that is bought by Hollywood is usually sold by the best writers! How do I know all of this? Because Ive actually "been there and done that." My name is Marilyn Horowitz and I, like you, had dreams of becoming a screenwriter but was oblivious about how to do it. When I finally figured out where to begin I still had no idea about what it actually took to ensure that I wrote a script ready to be produced. I consider myself blessed. Today Im an adjunct creative writing professor at NYU, where my book is used as the textbook and I've taught produced screenwriters, playwrights and award-winning filmmakers. And privately, I've also coached published novelists. Recently, I was the script consultant for the Warner Bros. film And Then Came Love, starring Vanessa Williams. Now I'm not telling you all of this to brag about my accomplishments. I'm telling you this to show you that what I say is for real and that I want you to succeed. Because the short of it is... Writing a great screenplay is no easy task - until now... You see, I've watched a lot of people fail when writing a screenplay and even more "throw in the towel" before they even start. Some of them were students of mine and it broke my heart to see them give up because of simple mistakes that could've been prevented had they been prepared. It frustrated me because if they knew just a few crucial tips it would have greatly increased their chances of finishing a quality script. And thats when it hit me... If I could arm my students with the secrets and information that I had acquired from the past 15 years of my writing career then... I could ensure, with almost complete certainty, that they'd be guaranteed to finish their screenplay, with a strong plot and memorable characters. Structure, write and rewrite your screenplay in record time... Guaranteed CLICK HERE NOW:

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