"POEM" (RAP) ABOUT ME (A School Project)

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For my social studies class, we were supposed to write a poem about ourselves but I decided to twist it up a little bit and do a rap. Hope someone out here enjoyed this. ;) LYRICS: Hey, my name is Detroit, and I have like no friends. But at least you’ll get to know a little bit bout me by the time this ends. Yo, I’m a really big fan of a good movie. But I’m just as cringy as someone who says the word groovy. New York is the place where I originated. On a scale from 1-10, someone gave me a 0 when they rated. I’ll tell you I don’t got no sisters and no brothers. But at times it feels like maybe I have two mothers… My favorite movie happens to be Whiplash… I don’t know if I can even bring up the topic of smash. Every summer I do a tour with my dad Everytime I try to play, I get boo’d off the stage for being bad. My favorite subject happens to be social studies... But I get punched every time if I ask someone to be “buddies” All I do is go on YouTube, it takes up my life. How come my own barber threatened me with a knife? As you can tell, all I wear is skinny jeans. I have no fashion sense, exactly what that means. As we’re closing into the end, I’ll tell you all a secret. No matter what I do, I never find an achievement. That’s who I am, hope you found something new. I make cringy YouTube videos, that’s exactly what I do. FOR PEOPLE WHO READ THE DESCRIPTION: A video on Ultra-Feminism next Sunday.

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