021 Moon Musings - I look at Jupiter with 2 moons - Mars - and the Moon with very large crater

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I did a all niter and started out with a spectacular Jupiter with 2 of its moons. Next I went to the moon and did a complete survey under calm skies with lots of colorful detail. I tried to move to M23 (Orion Nebula) but my alignment was off. Eventually I did see it through the lens but could not show you it with the Chinese camera (I have a camera specifically designed for deep space stuff). After that I went back to the moon with a x3 Barlow and camped on a huge crater in the northern part. I finished it up with a look at Mars. Mars was clear but small and when I used the x3 Barlow I had difficulty focusing it (a focus fine tune fix is on the way). It was a super-duper evening/morning and I saw Mars for the first time with this telescope and shared it with you on this video!!!

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