Kangaroo Jump! Leap! Bounce! Music Education for Your Kids

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Can your eye follow your ears? Can your fingers follow your eyes? Kangaroos can move really speedily, which may even be faster than the racing car! Look at the mother kangaroo in the listening map and you will notice how fast they can leap! 你的眼睛能追上耳朵嗎?你的手指能追上眼睛嗎?袋鼠的跳躍速度是很快的,有時比市區內行駛的汽車更快啊!來看看袋鼠媽媽隨音樂在圖象譜上跳躍的身影,快得像瞬間轉移一樣! Download Link: (iPad) (Android) Facebook: Toothy Buddies Website: Email: hello@toothybuddies.com // Tel: 852-3758-2303

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