Subscriber Loss

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A story of a girl coping with the depression of losing two subscribers. Yes, this is based on a true story, but the true story has less time travel and diarrhea. I swear there was no diarrhea. Or One Direction singing. Seriously, stop judging me! Besides all that, most of this is very true. In reality, I lost two subscribers and spent a few days moping about it, only to realise how immature I was being. I guess this is one of the few videos I upload which has a moral or something. What is that moral? I guess it would be something along the lines of "Don't become obsessed with your subscriber count" or "Don't judge people who don't like your content" or something like that. Fun Fact: The script for this was written last year 2012 and I started animating it in February 2013. I know, it's taken me ages. I was just lazy, okay. Now that I think about it, the continuity of this is slightly confusing at the beginning. I'm suppose to be at my desk looking at a computer screen. I hope that bit is clear. Meh ... You guys are smart enough to figure that out. I don't have a target audience of five-year-olds. Another Fun Fact: I edited this video during an earthquake. Okay, not exactly during the shaking, but shortly after the shaking. I was at school on Friday 16 August and I had already planned beforehand to get this video finished at school. Then there was a 6.5 earthquake and school was canceled for the rest of the day because everyone was freaking out and stuff. But I stayed and I finished the video. Actually no, I didn't finish it that day. I finished it the day after. I still worked on it at school.

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